Wow. Here are some other fashion sink holes to avoid. Although, I’m perfectly fine with #11 with some planning.

There’s a concept I share with my clients I like to call the “shit test”. Basically, when someone decides to make a huge leap/change in their life, a challenge to that new way presents itself to see whether they go back to their old way or if they are actually ready/resolute in making a change.

Imagine an emotional eater finally decides they are DONE with being held hostage by that behavior and decide to keep a food journal, hire a personal trainer, and nutritionist. Then, seemingly from “out of nowhere”, their mother ends up in the hospital, sending that person straight into the depths of emotion that would normally cause them to gorge themselves. If they are aware of the “shit test”, they can see this occurrence is simply an extra test of their resolve to change their habits and so with even more resolve than before, they launch headlong into this new way of being feeling unflappable. If they do not know about the “Shit test”, they may choose to see their mom’s illness as some terrible stroke of luck which they have no control over, leaving them feeling even more helpless than before. Before they know it, they’re knee deep in junk food and have long forgotten about the decision to change.

Have you experienced a shit test? How did you respond?

Great hair! Clean lines done quite right.

I’m touching on all the accessory options today as you can see…

Take notes: velcro wallets, (most) fabric belts, white sunglasses, and keys on a long lanyard hanging out of your pocket are the opposite of hot and put together.

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Accessories for the tech lover in you. These things help keep your shit safe while looking good. 


Tech Style Gifts for Guys

Have a techie in your gift list? You know, the type of guy who always has 2-3 gadgets on him at all times. It becomes very easy to tell that tech is the way to this man’s heart.

So, while you might try to give something fashionable or stylish to him this holiday season, don’t forget about his love for all things electronic. We’ve selected some of the coolest items in our gift guides for guys that combine fashion and tech. Check them out below!

Under $50

Bench Briefcase
Burton Touchscreen Liner Gloves
Jack Spade Hard-Shell Case for iPhone
AREAWARE Alarm Clock

Under $100
Wheelmen & Co. E. Homes Laptop Case
KNOMO London iPad mini Folio
McQ Hi-tech Accessory
Saks Fifth Avenue E-Reader Case

Jack Spade Tech Oxford Slim Laptop Briefcase
Nixon The Blaster Speaker
Burberry iPad Case
MARC by Marc Jacobs Leather Laptop Case

These aren’t the only fashion and tech mash-ups from the gift guides! There’s more to see in the different categories. Be sure to check out the Under $50, Under $100, and Splurge gift guides for guys on Wantering!

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CASE IN POINT. See: Ryan Gosling in Drive.

Boots are part of the whole accent/accessory spectrum. Don’t forget to pay attention to not only what shoes you’re wearing, but also to caring for them.  More on that later this week!


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It’s cold out there! Make sure you are bundling up! A man in leather gloves is just the right amount of sexy, classy, and scary! Do it up! And don’t forget a watch!

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